Saving a Life - Scott's Story

Learn how professional protection advice helped Scott Davis prepare for the unimaginable... and take back his life against the odds.

When self-employed builder Scott Davis considered financial advice, he met Molyneux Associates' Protection Specialist Graeme Heavens, who arranged a Relevant Life Policy in keeping with the needs of his business.

When Scott was tragically diagnosed with inoperable terminal bowel cancer, his first concern was for the wellbeing of his wife and children; the claim on the policy provided a sum that allowed him to settle his financial obligations and provide the peace of mind that his remaining time was free to dedicate to his family, and the hope that without this stress he may pursue wellness and alternative treatments, having nothing to lose.

Two years later, Scott's cancer is in remission. He has amazed his doctors, and he believes that he has his alternative treatments - and the hope and financial freedom offered by his decision to take out life insurance that allowed him to pursue them - and his protection adviser, Graeme Heavens, to thank for this.

He has recorded his testimony in this video put together by William Blake (wblakedir@mac.com) to tell his story and attest that something as seemingly distant as Financial Advice could give him the financial assurance and freedom, that may well have helped save his life.

If you would like to speak with Graeme Heavens, he can be contacted on 07531 341123 or emailed at scotts-story@molyneux-associates.co.uk or graemeheavens@molyneux-associates.co.uk

Graeme has agreed with Scott that, for every financial service he performs with a new client who cites Scott's testimony as a referral, a charitable donation will be made to Macmillan Cancer Support, and eventually to a charitable trust set up by Scott to help cancer victims and their families directly.

If you would like to learn more about Scott's Story, you can find his blog and contact him at https://www.facebook.com/scottbeatcancer/ and https://www.lifeoils.co.uk